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Power Pen X Smart Dabb E-Nail I

This is A MUST HAVE For the house!!

This Smart Dabb is amazing & makes you forget about the torch very quick! Simply plug in and DO WORK! Ideal temperature, Included 4 base pieces to fit on all glass pipes!

Additional info:

Smart Dabb 1 X Power Pen is the best & most simple, On/Off E-nail.

Smart-Dabb comes with the power cord, heating unit, 18mm and 14mm female adapter, 18mm and 14mm male adapter, titanium nail and straight sided dome. With 4 different adapters you are sure to find one that is a match to your water pipe. This all comes in a neat pouch for ideal storage and on the go use, if desired!

Smart-Dabb is designed with your health in mind. No more torches or carbon monoxide gas to inhale from using bottled gas like butane. No more running out of fuel or burning yourself, Simply turn on & enjoy! Unit heats up within 90 seconds!

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